Track Title:               Just You, Just Me

Album Title:               Jazz Masters Volume 2, disc 5
Prime Artist:              Bud Powell (Earl Bud)
Written by:                Jesse Greer
Written by:                Raymond Klages

(transcribed freely from Liza Minelli in New York, New York)

Just you, just me, let's find a cozy spot, to cuddle and coo,
Just us, just me, I wish an awful lot to trouble with you,
We're gushing now, if need be,
What are your charms for?  What are my arms for?
You use your imagination, with just you, just me
I'll tie a lover's knot with just wonderful you,
Hey, happy world, what are your charms for? what are my arms for?
Use your imagination , just you, just me,
That's why I'll ever sigh, that's why I'll always try,
Loving wonderful you.

Contributed by Larry Henares of the Philippines