Track Title:               When Love Looks Back at You
Album Title:               Warmer Side of Cool
Prime Artist:              Wang Chung

Producer:                  Peter Wolf
Written by:                Jack Hues

I feel the tension
                                                         In your hand
                                                       I'm on a plane to a
                                                         Foreign land
                                                      So far away with no
                                                        Telephone line
                                                      I'm flying into spring
                                                    And leaving winter behind

                                                      I know it'll be winter
                                                         In your heart
                                                      Icy stone cold winter
                                                     All the time we're apart

                                                        As I look at you
                                                       Looking back at me
                                                  The wordless tears in your eyes
                                                      What's inside of you?
                                                      What's inside of me?
                                               You may not realize for days and days
                                                  The consequences of that gaze
                                                   When love looks back at you
                                                   When love looks back at you

                                                       Love is a monster
                                                      With a need to devour
                                                         All who fall
                                                         In her power
                                                     And love is a sweet thing
                                                      With a need to caress
                                                  Security, stability and happiness
                                                     I'm flying, flying from
                                                   Where two things can be true

                                                        Repeat Chorus

                                                       I feel a cold wind
                                                      In the street outside
                                                        A plane flies low
                                                    Through the rain-filled sky
                                                     Winter's come to get me
                                                    And it's tearing me apart
                                                      As cool blue summer
                                                     Floods your open heart

                                                        Repeat Chorus