Track Title:               Just As Though You Were Here
Album Title:               Frank Sinatra:  The Reprise Collection, Disc 4
Prime Artist:              Frank Sinatra
Arranger:                  Gordon Jenkins

Written by:                John Benson Brooks
Written by:                Eddie DeLange
{instrumental strings intro}

I'll wake each morning and I'll promise to laugh
I'll say "Good morning" to your old photograph
Then I'll speak to you, dear, just as though you were here

When purple shadows start to welcome the dark
I'll take the same old stroll we took through the park
And I'll cling to you, dear, just as though you were here

        But I know so well that distance and time will finally tear us apart
        The farther you go, the longer you stay, the deeper the doubts in my heart

Each night before I wander off into sleep
I'll bring to light the tears I've buried so deep
Then I'll kiss you, my dear, just as though you were here

{instrumental break-horns, harp, and strings}

And when I hear a lonesome train, I'm afraid
I'll think of all those trips we never quite made
Fragile dreams that we planned
Then I'll reach for your hand
Just as though, just as though you were here

Transcribed by Ron Hontz