Track Title:               Mikado:  A Wand'ring Minstrel, I

Album Title:               Opera for People Who Hate Opera, disc c
Prime Artist:              Gilbert & Sullivan
Orchestra:                 Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus
     A wandering minstrel I--
          A thing of shreds and patches,
          Of ballads, songs and snatches,
     And dreamy lullaby!

     My catalogue is long,
          Through every passion ranging,
          And to your humours changing
     I tune my supple song!

          Are you in sentimental mood?
               I'll sigh with you,
                    Oh, sorrow, sorrow!
          On maiden's coldness do you brood?
               I'll do so, too--
                    Oh, sorrow, sorrow!
          I'll charm your willing ears
          With songs of lovers' fears,
          While sympathetic tears
               My cheeks bedew--
                    Oh, sorrow, sorrow!

     But if patriotic sentiment is wanted,
          I've patriotic ballads cut and dried;
     For where'er our country's banner may be planted,
          All other local banners are defied!
     Our warriors, in serried ranks assembled,
          Never quail--or they conceal it if they do--
     And I shouldn't be surprised if nations trembled
          Before the mighty troops of Titipu!

CHORUS.   We shouldn't be surprised, etc.

NANK.     And if you call for a song of the sea,
               We'll heave the capstan round,
          With a yeo heave ho, for the wind is free,
               Her anchor's a-trip and her helm's a-lee,
          Hurrah for the homeward bound!

CHORUS.             Yeo-ho--heave ho--
               Hurrah for the homeward bound!

          To lay aloft in a howling breeze
               May tickle a landsman's taste,
          But the happiest hour a sailor sees
               Is when he's down
               At an inland town,
          With his Nancy on his knees, yeo ho!
               And his arm around her waist!

CHORUS.   Then man the capstan--off we go,
               As the fiddler swings us round,
          With a yeo heave ho,
          And a rum below,
               Hurrah for the homeward bound!

          A wandering minstrel I, etc.