Track Title:               Mikado:  He's Gone and Married Yum-Yum
Album Title:               Opera for People Who Hate Opera, disc c

Prime Artist:              Gilbert & Sullivan
Orchestra:                 Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus

PITTI.    For he's gone and married Yum-Yum--
ALL.                                    Yum-Yum!
PITTI.         Your anger pray bury,
               For all will be merry,
          I think you had better succumb--
ALL.                                    Cumb--cumb.
PITTI.         And join our expressions of glee!
KO.       On this subject I pray you be dumb--
ALL.                                    Dumb--dumb!
KO.            Your notions, though many,
               Are not worth a penny,
          The word for your guidance is "Mum"--
ALL.                                    Mum--Mum!
KO.       You've a very good bargain in me.
ALL.      On this subject we pray you be dumb--
          We think you had better succumb--
               You'll find there are many
               Who'll wed for a penny,
          There are lots of good fish in the sea.
YUM. and NANK. The threatened cloud has passed away,
          And brightly shines the dawning day;
          What though the night may come too soon,
          We've years and years of afternoon!
ALL.           Then let the throng
                    Our joy advance,
          With laughing song
                    And merry dance,
          With joyous shout and ringing cheer,
          Inaugurate our new career!
               Then let the throng, etc.