Track Title:               Cold Sweat

Album Title:               Soul Session Live; James Brown & Friends
Prime Artist:              James Brown
Vocal:                     Wilson Pickett
Producer:                  Johnny Musso

Written by:                James Brown
Written by:                Alfred Ellis


I don't care ha  about your past
I just want ho our love to last dee
I don't care darlin' about your faults huh
I just want to satisfy your pulse


When you kiss me
When you mess me
Hold my hand
Make me understand

I break out - in a cold sweat

Ho!  Uh!  Ho!

I don't care about your wants
I just wanna ha! tell ya about the does and don'ts
I don't care about the way you treat me darlin' ha!
I just want huh!  to understand me honey


When you kiss me
And ya miss me
You hold me tight
Make everything all right

I break out - in a cold sweat heh!

Mercy on me
C'mon now
put it, put it where it's at now
Let him have it