Track Title:               Be Nice To Me

Album Title:               Anthology - 1968-1985, disc 1
Prime Artist:              Todd Rundgren
Producer:                  Todd Rundgren

Written by:                Todd Rundgren
From the Album:            Runt.  The Ballad of Todd Rundgren  1971 (A)
  No catch, no strings
  None of the usual things
  I'm happy just to lay and look
  Let's throw out the book
  Now we're off the hook
  And please just be nice to me
  Won't you be nice to me
  So tired, so sad
  So sick of being had
  By everyone who comes along
  Would it be so wrong
  If you played along
  And please just be nice to me
  And would it bring you down if I hang around
  Just be nice to me
  It's been a long, long time since I felt so fine
  And I know your love is fine
  I know what's on your mind but
  Don't laugh, don't cry
  Don't make me wonder why
  You're doing what you're doing now
  Can't you see somehow
  It's the wrong time now
  So please just be nice to me
  You know I ain't in heat
  And it would feel real neat
  If you would just be nice to me
  Come on think of me