Track Title:               Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel
Album Title:               Anthology - 1968-1985, disc 1
Prime Artist:              Todd Rundgren
Producer:                  Todd Rundgren

Written by:                Todd Rundgren
From the Album:            A Wizard, A True Star  1973 (A)
 Sometimes I don't know
  I just don't know what to feel

  Sometimes I don't know what to feel
  Everything I thought that I knew starts to look so unreal
  There's a ringing in my head that keeps me awake at night
  Sometimes I don't know what is right
  Today I saw a car crush my little dog under its wheel
  It did not even stop, it just sped off and out of sight
  Sometimes I just feel so afraid
  But I know that no one else has it made
  So if I just believe in myself
  I won't need no help from nobody else and I can make it alone
  And everything will be cool, I got to keep on keepin' on
  There's nothing else I can do

  Sometimes I don't know what to do
  Someone said the world's going to end and I think its true
  I thought there was some love in the world
   but I guess I'm wrong
  Sometimes I just feel so alone
  I don't want to admit to my friends that I feel confused
  I wonder what I'd do with myself if the world was gone
  Something makes me stay on my feet
  Don't you dare admit to defeat
  And if I tell myself it's all right
  I can comfort myself through the night
   and watch another day dawn
  And everything will be cool