Track Title:               Compassion
Album Title:               Anthology - 1968-1985, disc 2
Prime Artist:              Todd Rundgren

Producer:                  Todd Rundgren
Written by:                Todd Rundgren
From the Album:            Healing  1981 (A)

  You want more, and still more,
  Until you get more than you ever bargained for.
  Now its plain, clear as rain,
  I've seen your symptoms many times before.

   Lying on your bed of pain
   What will you have now?

  What are riches untold in a life without compassion?
  For there's no winter as cold
   as a life without compassion.
  There's no prescription that's sold
   that can heal you like compassion.

  Well you tried and you cried,
  And let your disappointment make you hard inside.
  You have doubt, you reach out,
  Still you're the only one you care about.

   Hiding in your sack of woe
   What do you need now?

  For there is nothing so sad
   as a life without compassion.
  And even love has turned bad,
   it was love without compassion.
  And you don't need what you had
   'Cause you did not have compassion.

   Dying on your bed of pain
   What will you have now?

  You'll get no judgment from me,
   I can only feel compassion.
  And if that's what you need,
   I will give you my compassion.
  Just don't forget about me
   'Cause we all need some compassion.

  Open up your heart
   so you can start to feel compassion.
  Get down on your knees,
   pray to heaven for compassion.
  Everybody needs compassion.
  If you want to be healed
   then you know you got to feel compassion.