Track Title:               Johnee Jingo
Album Title:               Anthology - 1968-1985, disc 2
Prime Artist:              Todd Rundgren

Producer:                  Todd Rundgren
Written by:                Todd Rundgren
From the Album:            A Cappella  1985 (A)

  He was just fifteen, he was a new trainee
  He lied about it for the opportunity
  To defend the border his life was sworn
  Though not a generation was native born

  Johnee Jingo
  Johnee Jingo

  He had lost the battle but won the war
  When the generals said he couldn't fight no more
  He was proud and bitter at what he'd done
  So he passed it off to his favorite son

  Johnee Jingo
  Johnee Jingo
  Jingo don't you fight for me
  Jingo don't you speak for me

  To the man who owns the land
  We're all the same
  But when his grip begins to slip
  Then he'll be calling out your name
  Johnee Jingo

  And the throne, the pulpit, and the politician
  Create a thirst for power in the common man
  It's a taste for blood passed off as bravery
  Or just patriotism hiding bigotry