Track Title:               The Beer Barrel Polka

Album Title:               Musical Varieties
Prime Artist:              Brave Combo
Producer:                  Brave Combo
Written by:                Jaromir Vejvoda

From the Album:            No Sad Faces  1984 (A)

There's a garden, what a garden
                 Only happy faces bloom there
                  And there's never any room
                    For a worry or a gloom
                There's music, and there's dancing
                 And a lot of sweet romancing
                   When they play the polka
                    They all get in the swing
              Everytime you hear that Oom-pah-pah
                  Everbody feels so tra-la-la-la
            They only want to come back for one thing
             They crowd around and sing trolly-olly-ay
              And you hear that rumble on the floor
        It's a big (HA HA HA HA) surprise you're waiting for
         Then all at once everybody, everybody, forms a ring
      (Spoken: Come on everybody get up and form a ring. That's
     the way, everybody get up and form a big ring. That's the way.
     Then all at once you form a ring. Everybody get up and form a
               ring. Here's a tenth of everybody....)
              For miles around, you'll hear them sing

            Roll out the barrel, We'll have a barrel of fun
          Roll out the barrel, we've got the blues on the run
                     Zing Boom Terrara
                  Join in a glass of good cheer
                 Now it's time to roll the barrel
         For the gang's all here (Spoken: Take it away boys!)