Track Title:               To Forgive

Album Title:               Dawn to Dusk, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Prime Artist:              The Smashing Pumpkins
Producer:                  Billy Corgan

Producer:                  Alan Moulder
Producer:                  Flood
Written by:                Billy Corgan

Ten times removed
I forget about where it all began
Bastard son of a bastard son of
A wild eyed child of the sun
And right as rain, I'm not the same
But I feel the same, I feel nothing
Holding back the fool again
Holding back the fool pretends
I forget to forget nothing is important
Holding back the fool again
I sensed my loss
Before I even learned to talk
And I remember my birthdays
Empty party afternoons won't come back
I forget to forget me
I forget to forget you see
Nothing is important to me
I knew my loss
Before I even learned to speak
And all along, I knew it was wrong
But I played along, with my birthday song