Track Title:               Rhinosaur
Album Title:               Down On The Upside
Prime Artist:              Soundgarden

Producer:                  Adam Kasper
Producer:                  Soundgarden
Written by:                Soundgarden

     Standing with my enemies
     Hung on my horns
     With haste and reverie
     Killing with charm

     Only happy when you hurt
     Only deadly in a swarm
     Only healthy in the dirt
     Only empty in your arms

     I play, I'm sick and tame
     Drawing the hordes
     I wait, and show the lame
     The meaning of harm
     The skulls beneath my feet
     Like feathers in sand
     I graze among the graves
     A feeling of peace

     Only bending when you break
     Only feeding when you're cold
     Only healing when you ache
     Only feeling when you don't