Track Title:               Blowing Bubbles

Album Title:               Where's The Bone
Prime Artist:              The Pursuit of Happiness
Producer:                  Aubrey Winfield
Producer:                  Moe Berg

Written by:                Moe Berg
Sometimes my hands don't do what they should
That's not your fault, you did all you could
I guess that I'm dumb and I try to hide it
But when I'm wrong I don't deny it
Mom I won't cry, about how you raised me
Things weren't perfect but I'm not crazy
You did alright, I've got my troubles
But my inner child is blowing bubbles
I'll never go on Sally or Oprah
And say it's your fault that I can't cope
You did your best, for that I am grateful
Those selfish-helpers are cruel and hateful
I've made mistakes, I've made a million
I've had regrets, a million times a billion
I am to blame
That I'll acknowledge