Track Title:               White Man

Album Title:               Where's The Bone
Prime Artist:              The Pursuit of Happiness
Producer:                  Aubrey Winfield
Producer:                  Moe Berg

Written by:                Moe Berg
We build skyscrapers that survive earthquakes
But we live in trailers that get blown away
I talk real tough in front of my family
But I'm scared of anyone who is not like me
The rest of the world is uncivilized
I eat baloney on Wonder bread and frozen french fries
We buy our kids their own tv's and cellular phones
And we send our parents to old folks homes
Because I
Look like (a white man)  Think like (a white man)
Smell like (a white man) Walk like (a white man)
Act like (a white man)  Dance like (a white man)
Talk like (a white man)  Rap like (a white man)
We listen to Ice Cube and Chuckie D
And pretend we're gangstas in our bedroom mirrors
We like rap and funk and Marley and the Wailers
But when we hit 30 it's Kenny G and James Taylor
Suburbs from my my bungalow
I cry, cry for the poor
Zoning laws and police cars keep them far away from me
We dig Chinese call girls and black street ladies
But we marry chicks like Kathie Lee and Marcia Brady
Our clothes are boring and our food is bland
But no one can drink like a white man can