Track Title:               Young And In Love

Album Title:               Where's The Bone
Prime Artist:              The Pursuit of Happiness
Producer:                  Aubrey Winfield

Producer:                  Moe Berg
Written by:                Moe Berg
His hair was like Evan's, it was love at first sight
Now she monkeys him twice, sometimes three times at night
Life is sublime as she paints her smile red
With her copy of Sassy and his Doc's by her bed
Little things are so important
And big things don't matter much
'Cause she's young and in love
With someone who's so cool and stuff
She took off her shirt on VHS
So he could watch it on the bus when he gets depressed
His sales are bad and the reviews are worse
He stole the tips from her lunch bucket purse
Jump out of your body
He cracked her head on the rocking chair
The blood congealed in her dyed black hair
Her studded tongue catches tears falling down
After the abortion she's leaving town
She rips his glossy from her bedroom door
Puts on his records and sweeps up the floor
She's as young and pretty as she'll ever be
Buys the new issue of Spin magazine