Track Title:               Jocko Homo

Album Title:               Greatest Hits
Prime Artist:              Devo
Producer:                  Brian Eno
Written by:                Mark Mothersbaugh

Written by:                Jerry Casale
From the Album:            Q: Are We Not Men?  A: We Are Devo!  1978 (A)

they tell us that
we lost our tails
evolving up
from little snails
i say it's all
just wind in sails
are we not men?
we are DEVO!
we're pinheads now
we are not whole
we're pinheads all
jocko homo
are we not men?
monkey men all
in business suit
teachers and critics
all dance the poot
are we not men?
we are DEVO!
are we not men?
  god made man
  but he used the monkey to do it
  apes in the plan
  we're all here to prove it
  i can walk like an ape
  talk like an ape
  i can do what a monkey can do
  god made man
  but a monkey supplied the glue
we must repeat
o.k. let's go!