Track Title:               Keep It Up
Album Title:               Grave Dancers Union
Prime Artist:              Soul Asylum

Producer:                  Michael Beinhorn
Written by:                David Pirner
I'm down here waitin' on a shattered heart
I'm gonna put it back together if it tears me apart
If I can keep it up

I been complainin' like a broken record
Gonna get what I want if it takes forever
If I can keep it up

Though the rain weigs down your wings
Still the caged bird has to sing
I know it seems funny tryin' to understand
It's just things don't always go the way you planned
Still you keep it up

Nothin' in the world's gonna keep me down
I'm just holdin' out, just hangin' around
747 gonna take us away
Gonna take us up to heaven gonna be okay
If we can keep it up