Track Title:               New World
Album Title:               Grave Dancers Union
Prime Artist:              Soul Asylum

Producer:                  Michael Beinhorn
Written by:                David Pirner
Lives in a lonely little town
No one's around
Except for the drinkin'
Nobody ever gets around
But those who leave the township sinking

May you rot in heaven
Gotta be home by seven
And the field burns away the sky
Breathes it in so why sit and with for the new world to begin

I'm comin' out across your border
With new orders for you to take
I'd really like to take your daughter
Down by the water, down by the lake
When the cold water's on her skin
I can feel how long it's been

And the neighbors will all be there
And no one will know what to wear
So why sit and wait for the new world to begin

I got a lot
I gotta do just to get through
The end of the day
It hardly ever happens
But I go to sleep just the same anyway

And you can't believe in yourself
You can't believe in anyone else
So why sit and wait for the new world to begin