Track Title:               Subject to Change
Album Title:               Happy Nowhere

Prime Artist:              Dog's Eye View
Producer:                  James (Jimbo) Barton
Producer:                  Peter (F.) Stuart
Written by:                Peter (F.) Stuart

Send a letter home to your mother
                                    and tell her who you've been.
                                   Don't ask for money or a favor,
                         just an old blue blanket--that you can lay your head in.

                      'cause there's a pen in your hand that won't talk sense anymore
                           There's a ceiling fan showing movies on the floor.
                        There's a gun on the table telling jokes about your friends,
                        and the chairs are all laughing at this night that never ends.

                                    Things are subject to change
                                          as days go by
                                    things are subject to change

                                 Take a long fall out of this slow game
                                        and blow a kiss hello
                                   goodbye by any other nickname
                               is "You knew me then, now watch me go."

                          There's a picture on the wall that looks a lot like home
                          There's a story you tell, and you wish it was your own
                          There's a girl you met who says she's seen you before
                      and there's a letter that you left-- says that's not you anymore

                                          repeat chorus

                                     you were never very clever
                               walking straight lines down a curved road
                            whisper, laugh and shout at every other pleasure
                        'til you closed your eyes and dissappeared without a trace

                                            Chorus out
                                          repeat chorus.