Track Title:               Another Park, Another Sunday

Album Title:               The Wildlife Concert, disc 1
Prime Artist:              The Doobie Brothers
Producer:                  Charlie Midnight

Producer:                  The Doobie Brothers
Written by:                Tom Johnston

As I'm sitting in my room staring out the window
I'm wondering where you've gone
Thinking back 'bout the happy hours just before the dawn
Outside the wind is seems to call your name
Where have you gone

City streets and lonely highways I've traveled down
My car is empty
And the radio just seems to bring me down
I'm just tryin' to find me a pretty smile that I can get into
It's true
I'm lost without you

Another lonely park, another Sunday
 (Another lonely day)
Why is it life turns out that way
 (It just turns out that way)
Just when you think you've got a good thing
It seems to slip away

It's warm outside, no clouds are in the sky
But I need myself a place to go and hide
I keep it to myself...... I don't want nobody else
To see me cryin' all those tears in my eyes


Another park, another Sunday
It's dark and empty thanks to you
I've got to get myself together
But it's hard to do