Track Title:               I'm Not The One
Album Title:               Greatest Hits
Prime Artist:              The Cars

Producer:                  Roy Thomas Baker
Written by:                Ric Ocasek
From the Album:            Shake It Up  1981 (A)
I'm not the one that you'll be shooting for
I'm not the one who's coming back for more
You know why, we've been through this many times
You know why, it's never clear, it's pantomime

Going 'round and 'round 'cause you can't get on your feet
Going 'round and 'round, still taking all the heat
Going 'round and 'round, never touching down

I'm not the one whose memory you still keep
I'm not the one who's talking in your sleep
You know why, I don't have to tell you twice
You know why, I knew you when you weren't so nice

I'm not the one that you'll be breaking in
I'm not the one who could be taken in
You know why, I tried and tried to crack the shell
You know why, when you fake it's hard to tell