Track Title:               Touch And Go

Album Title:               Greatest Hits
Prime Artist:              The Cars
Producer:                  Roy Thomas Baker
Written by:                Ric Ocasek

From the Album:            Panorama  1980 (A)
All I need is what you've got
All I'll tell is what you're not
All you know is what you hear
I get this way when yo come near
Then I know it's gone too far
Oh, oh, I touched your star
And it felt so right
Like the hush of midnight
Until you said
With me it's touch and go
All I need is you tonight
I'm flying like a cement kite
In your headlock on the floor
Who could ever ask for more
All I want is you tonight
I guess that dress does fit you tight
And how that look does make me shake
It almost looks too good to take