Track Title:               Day Dream
Album Title:               Duke Ellington Songbook, disc 5
Prime Artist:              Ella Fitzgerald

Producer:                  Norman Granz
Written by:                Billy Strayhorn  (William Thomas S)
Written by:                John LaTouche

From:                      1940
Daydream, why do you haunt me so
Deep in a rosy glow
The face of my love you show

Daydream, I walk along on air
Building a castle there
For me and my love to share

Don't know the time, lordy
I'm in a daze
Sun in the sky, while I moon around, feeling, hazy

Daydream, don't break my reverie
Until I find that he,
Is daydreaming just like me

{sax solo}

Daydreams, why do you haunt me so
While I'm in this rosy glow
Bring back my love
Bring back my love
Bring back my love
To me

Transcribed by Todd Peach {}