Track Title:               I'm Just Happy To Be Here
Album Title:               The Wonderful World of The Pursuit Of Happiness
Prime Artist:              The Pursuit of Happiness

Producer:                  Aubrey Winfield
Producer:                  Moe Berg
Written by:                Moe Berg

I just want to thank you
For taking me with you
We can stay up all night talking
If that's all you want to do

You are so delicious
I will just follow your lead
It can be as safe or dangerous
As you want it to be

I'm just happy to be here

Your body is so beautiful
Before I even see it
I unwrap you like a present
You're a toy I can't believe it

I'm eating you like candy
But the biting makes you scream
You grab my head before I can
Devour your praline

I'm just happy to be here

My lips they cover you like sweat
Til you are sighing with regret