Track Title:               Let's Not Play
Album Title:               The Wonderful World of The Pursuit Of Happiness
Prime Artist:              The Pursuit of Happiness
Producer:                  Aubrey Winfield

Producer:                  Moe Berg
Written by:                Moe Berg

Look at that couple there
Her manicured nails are not for him
They're for her way out
She always thought she was a somebody
In waiting - now she's fading
She'll use her last few miles

This modern dilemma
It followed me home
I'm telling you what I'd say to them

Girl let's not play

She spent the best years of her life
Trying to change him
She should have realized she picked the wrong man
She could've saved them both a lot of heartache
Why did she have to set her sights so low
She thought she'd lift him up

Not a word is spoken
He stirs his coffee
She's quietly smoking

Girl let's not play