Track Title:               The Truth

Album Title:               The Wonderful World of The Pursuit Of Happiness
Prime Artist:              The Pursuit of Happiness
Producer:                  Aubrey Winfield

Producer:                  Moe Berg
Written by:                Moe Berg
You've got bourgeois aspirations
I've got proletariat affectations
I'm all white T-shirt and beer
In front of one of Moses Znaimer's TV stations

Well you don't even have a TV
You like Bjork and Oasis
You're not smart enough for shakespeare
But hip enough to think
'Merchant of Venice' is racist

Now that the truth is out
I hated you first

I don't get sloppy when I screw
I don't howl at the moon
I don't bungie jump,
Skydive, swim,  drive, hang glide
Or fly to Cancun

Well maybe that's my problem
I'm too scarred to come undone
I'm too uptight, protestant, middle-class
White boy to have any real fun

So now that the truth's come  out
I hated you first

Well you asked for my phone number
So you could not call me on purpose
You think I'm hard up, insecure
Low on self esteem
Well maybe on the surface

Now that the truth is out
I hated you first
You say you hate me now
But baby I hated you first