Track Title:               Once Upon A Summertime

Album Title:               I Wanna Be Around
Prime Artist:              Tony Bennett
Arranger:                  Marty Manning
Lyrics by:                 Johnny Mercer

Music by:                  Eddie Marnay
Music by:                  Eddie Barclay
Music by:                  Michel LeGrand
Producer:                  Ernie Altschuler
Once upon a summertime, if you recall,
We stopped beside a little flower stall.
A bunch of bright forget-me-nots was all
I'd let you buy me.
Once upon a summertime, just like today,
We laughed the happy afternoon away
And stole a kiss in ev'ry street caf‚.
You were sweeter than the blossoms on the tree.
I was as proud as any girl could be,
As if the Mayor had offered me the key
To Paris!
Now, another wintertime has come and gone.
The pigeons feeding in the square have flown,
But I remember when the vespers chime
You loved me once upon a summertime.

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