Track Title:               Straight On
Album Title:               Heart's Greatest Hits
Prime Artist:              Heart

Producer:                  John Paul Jones
Written by:                Nancy  Wilson
Written by:                Ann Wilson
Written by:                Sue Ennis

From the Album:            Dog & Butterfly  1978 (A)

From the Album:            The Road Home  1995 (A)

Quite some time...I been sittin' it out
Didn't take no chances...I was a prisoner of doubt
I knocked down the wailin' ain't no sin feel of me in....
I'm comin' straight on for you
You made my mind
Now I'm I'm comin' through...
Straight on...straight on for you...
Straight on for you
Now, I know...I got to play my hand
What the winner don't know...the gambler understands..
My heart keeps playin' it through with you, my friend
I'll take my chances on you...again and again......again..
Repeat Chorus