Track Title:               Hard To Make A Stand
Album Title:               Sheryl Crow

Prime Artist:              Sheryl Crow
Producer:                  Sheryl Crow
Written by:                Todd Wolfe

Written by:                RS Bryan
Written by:                Bill Bottrell
Written by:                Sheryl Crow

Old James Dean Munroe
hands out flowers at the Shop-N-Go
Hopes for money but all he gets is fear
And the wind blows up his coat
and this he scribbles on a perfume note
"If I'm not here, then you're not here"
and he says "Call me Miscreation,
I'm a walking celebration!"
And It's Hard to make a stand (repeat x3)
My friend, oh lawdy,
went to take care of her own body,
and she got shot down in the road,
and she looked up before she went and said
"This isn't really what I meant"
and the daily news said "2 with 1 stone"
And I say "Hey there Miscreation,
bring a flower, time is wasting!"
We got loud guitars and big suspicions,
great big guns and small ambitions,
but we're still fighting 'bout who is God.
And I say "Hey there, Miscreation,
bring a flower, time is wastin'",
and I say "Hey there, Miscreation,
we all need a revelation!"