Track Title:               Maybe Angels

Album Title:               Sheryl Crow
Prime Artist:              Sheryl Crow
Producer:                  Sheryl Crow

Written by:                Bill Bottrell
Written by:                Sheryl Crow
Six-lane highway running up to my back door
But it won't take me to where i want to be
I took the I-95 down to Pensacola
All I found I a bunch of holyrollers
They don't know nothing about 'bout saving me
I swear they're out there, I swear Maybe Angels
Maybe angels
Down here I feel like a citizen of now where
My bag's all packed in case they ever come for me
Got a hundred stories and tabloid lies
Got witnesses to what the government denies
So I'm headed down to Roswell to wait and see
Chorus (I swear they're out there, I swear Maybe Angels...)
Oh what a mystery
Oh I believe, I believe, I could leave my sister, she says she know
She know Jesus, John Lennon, and Cobain personally
Well I'm too wise to believe my eyes
cause all I've seen just terrifies me
But I believe thy're coming back for me