Track Title:               The Book
Album Title:               Sheryl Crow

Prime Artist:              Sheryl Crow
Producer:                  Sheryl Crow
Written by:                Jeff Trott
Written by:                Sheryl Crow

I read your book
                                                      And I find it strange
                                            That I know that girl and I know her world
                                                        A little too well
                                                       And I didn't know
                                                      By giving my hand
                                            That I would be written down, sliced around,
                                                         Passed down
                                                    Among strangers hands

                                                     Three days in Rome
                                                       Where do we go
                                                     I'll always remember
                                                     Three days in Rome

                                                         Never again
                                                     Would I see your face
                                                  You carry a pen and a paper
                                                and no time and words you waste
                                                       You're a voyeur
                                                     The worst kind of thief
                                                    To take what happened
                                              To write down everything that went on
                                                     Between you and me

                                                     Three days in Rome
                                                       And I stand alone
                                                     I'll always remember
                                                     Three days in Rome