Track Title:               Gee Whiz
Album Title:               Atlantic Rhythm & Blues: Vol 4, 1957-1960
Prime Artist:              Carla Thomas
Producer:                  Jim Stewart

Written by:                Norman
Written by:                Carla Thomas

Recorded in Memphis 1960, by Satellite (later to be known as Stax Records, this hit became to big for
the tiny record
company so Atlantic took over the national distribution where it reached Pop chart on 1/30/61 #10, and
 R&B 2/6/61 #5)

Gee whiz...
Look at his eyes
Gee whiz...
How they hypnotize
He's got everything a girl could want
Man oh man
What a prize
Uh huh
Gee whiz...
He's all the joy
Gee whiz
I could find in a boy
He's awful nice
It's paradise
I hope I'm not his decoy

Heaven up above
Knows how much I love
That fellah so
Angels sing
Of the love I bring
I hope our love will grow and grow
'Cause, Gee whiz...
I love that guy
Gee whiz...
My, my oh my
There are things we could do
I could say I love you
But all I could say is
Gee whiz...

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