Track Title:               When I Come to You

Album Title:               Lie To Me
Prime Artist:              Jonny Lang
Producer:                  David Z.

Written by:                Jonny Lang
Written by:                Dennis Morgan
When I'm all alone
When I'm feelin blue
No one understands me baby
Nobody but you
Through all the sleepless nights
and rainy days
jealous sun the wind and you
The only way I made it through
Is when I come to you
And in my darkest hour
when the midnight shadows fall
Baby you got the power
to make the angels come to call
Yeah well I just hold you in my arms
and let the music in my heart
play the whole night through
And baby I feel so brand new
Yeah, when I come to you
When I come to you
Oh you make me feel alright
When I come to you
You keep me from the howlin wind
Baby I feel brand new
When I come to you