Track Title:               My Little Demon

Album Title:               The Dance
Prime Artist:              Fleetwood Mac
Producer:                  Lindsey Buckingham

Producer:                  Elliot Scheiner
Written by:                Lindsey Buckingham

My little demon, comin' on down
My little demon's turnin' me around
All of my friends, all telling me
That I just ain't the man I used to be
I really don't like it
Ain't nothing I can do
I really don't like it
I'm giving' it to you
My little demon, makin' me choose
Takin' me over, I can't refuse
Hard as a rock, dry as a bone
Big or little, darlin' I won't take you home
(repeat chorus)
Why try to hide it?
Fight it, fight it
(repeat chorus)
My little demon
Is coming after me
My little demon
It's all that I can do
To keep that little demon
To keep that little demon
Just to keep that little demon
Away from you.