Track Title:               Temporary One

Album Title:               The Dance
Prime Artist:              Fleetwood Mac
Producer:                  Lindsey Buckingham
Producer:                  Elliot Scheiner

Written by:                Eddy Quintela
Written by:                Christine McVie

Where are you darlin', when my
Moon is risin', and your
Sun is shinin' down
What are you doin', are you
Missin' me
The way that I'm missin' you now
The river goes on and on, and the
Sea that divides us is a
Temporary one, and the
Bridge will bring us back together
What are you doin', goin'
Down in to Soho as I
Take my rest tonight
What are you doin', are you
Busy with your world
Well I wish you were busy with mine
(repeat chorus four times)