Track Title:               Kerouac

Album Title:               B-Sides and Otherwise
Prime Artist:              Morphine
Written by:                Mark Sandman
Written by:                Billy Conway

Kerouac yea Kerouac
                               His words the words so many
                               words just
                               All brothers of the same horn
                               sisters the saxophone
                               Notes music words a melody a
                               quote a figure eight a figure
                               If you listen close to the drummer
                               It's like a mirror and your invisible
                               Like your in a backseat
                               No handles on the doors just a
                               beautiful driver up front
                               She knows where she's going
                               Kerouac the observation machine
                               Caressing the most passing of
                               scenes with photographic love
                               Passionate photographic love
                               venerable as anyone knew
                               His memories pull shades up and
                               Doors are not done telegrams
                               Every morning something extra ???
                               Remembering everything like a
                               snatch of melody
                               A drumbeat remembering
                               So fast all the time moving
                               The words the words are
                               drumsticks pounding out drum
                               Like a monk like a monk melody
                               With mistakes yea mistakes and
                               sudden inspirations
                               Edges corners explosions
                               All fast through a slow motion
                               Yea fast through a slow motion