Track Title:               Am I Blue
Album Title:               Genius & Soul, The 50th Anv. Coll. Vol. 5
Prime Artist:              Ray Charles     (Robinson)

Drums:                     Scott Van Ravensberg
Guitar:                    Tony Matthews
Bass:                      Edgar Willis
Saxophone:                 James Clay

Saxophone:                 Clifford Solomon
Saxophone:                 Eddie Pratt
Saxophone:                 Leroy (Hog) Cooper
Saxophone:                 Andrew Ennis

Trumpet:                   Jack Evans
Trumpet:                   Johnny Coles
Trumpet:                   Ken Tussing
Keyboards:                 Ernest Vantrease

Producer:                  Ray Charles     (Robinson)
Written by:                Grant Clarke
Written by:                Harry Akst
Trombone:                  Steve Davis
Trombone:                  Bob Caulson

Trombone:                  Wally Huff
From the Album:            Ray Charles Live In Japan  1976 (A)

Am I blue? Am I blue?
Ain't these tears
in my eyes tellin'g you?
Am I blue?  You'll be too,
If each plan with you man
done fell through.

Was a time I was his only one,
But now I'm the sad
and lonely one,
"Lawdy," Was I gay? 'til today,
Now he's gone and we're through,
Am I blue?