Track Title:               It Happened In Sun Valley
Album Title:               A Christmas Concert
Prime Artist:              Glenn Miller Orchestra

Producer:                  Rod McKuen
Written by:                Harry Warren
Written by:                Mack Gordon

Howdy folks, let's go for a ride,
Get your favorite one to sit by your side;
Cuddle up in a sleigh,
Giddy-ap, Nellie Gray,
And away we go.
While you listen to sleigh bells ring, you're yodeling to your baby;
You'll feel nice and warm no matter how cold it may be.
Take a look at little Jack and Jill, they ski down a hill;
That's a snow plow, turn and look there's a spill,
There's a spill on the hill;
When you're down it's a thrill
To go up again.
Ev'rybody ought to learn to ski for that is how we first met:
We were that Jack and Jill that came down a hill,
When I looked at you, my heart took a spill;
Took a spill on a hill, it's a thrill that I can't forget.

It happened in Sun Valley not so very long ago,
There were sunbeams in the snow,
And a twinkle in your eye.
I remember, oh, so clearly, that you nearly passed me by;
Then it happened in Sun Valley when you slipped and fell and so did I.

Now ev'ry year we go back and then,
We recall that fall and that moment when
We were there on a hill,
So we both take a spill
And we're Jack and Jill again.