Track Title:               Got My Own Thing Now
Album Title:               Hot
Prime Artist:              Squirrel Nut Zippers

Written by:                Jim Mathus
When I was a lad, I was a little bit shy.
Something came along and caught my eye.
When I heard the jazz band strike up,
I swear, I had my mind made up.
Now I'm getting older
Everything is in full swing.
Now I'm getting bolder
Man, I've got to do that thing.

I used to walk along with the rest
Now I've got something all my own
Now you've got a little something new.
Broke away, somehow.
That's why I'm swinging it
I've got my own thing now!

Children put away your toys
All your little children's games.
Let the jazz band make some noise
Step up ladies and watch out boys.
"Mirror on the wall,
who's the hot band in the hall?"
Let everybody sing
Get on out there and do your thing.