Track Title:               Pretty Noose
Album Title:               A-Sides

Prime Artist:              Soundgarden
Engineer:                  Adam Kasper
Producer:                  Soundgarden

Written by:                Chris Cornell
Recorded At:               Bad Animals Studio, Seattle
Recorded At:               Studio Litho, Seattle
From the Album:            Down On The Upside  1996 (A)

     I caught the moon today
     Pick it up
     And throw it away all right
     I got the perfect steal
     A cleaner love
     With a dirty feel all right
     Fallout and take the bait
     Eat the fruit
     And kiss the snake goodnight

     Common ruse dirty face
     Pretty noose is pretty hate
     And I don't like
     What you got me hanging from

     Let your motor race
     Pick it up
     And get this mother gone
     Out from and far away
     The wooden stake
     This thing has got me on

     Diamond rope silver chain
     Pretty noose is pretty pain
     And I don't like
     What you got me hanging from

     I don't care what you got
     I don't care what you need
     I don't want anything
     And I don't like what
     You got me hanging from