Track Title:               Let's Rock
Album Title:               Fush Yu Mang
Prime Artist:              Smashmouth

Producer:                  Eric Valentine
Written by:                Smashmouth

˙Lately I've been thinking about the past
About the good times
And have they all come and gone
And are there more years behind than ahead
Then I say to myself

Fuck it let's rock

Lately I've been thinkin' about who's in charge
About who they are
And are they looking down and laughing hard
Are they aliens or robots or humanoids or gods
I think I'm just paranoid

Fuck it let's rock

What if someone takes my cat and what if she runs away
And what if she gets hit
What if someone takes my chick and what if she runs away
I won't be blue
Cuz I know what to do

Lately I've been thinking about my vices
And about the prices
That I'll later have to pay
I've been thinking about myself
And about my health
Then I'll say what the hell