Track Title:               The Fonz
Album Title:               Fush Yu Mang
Prime Artist:              Smashmouth

Producer:                  Eric Valentine
Written by:                Smashmouth

I wanna try your shoes on
And wear them for a day
Learn to talk like you do
And say what I see
I'd talk like I knew something
That everyone wanted to hear

But you're the Fonz

The definition of icy
The measure of what's up
You could play the tuba
And everyone would clap
Well I can play the tuba
And they all just shake their heads

Cause you're the Fonz

I know it's over for me
I know it's over

Drove my car to the top floor
And stood at the edge
When I woke up in heaven
Looked down and no one cared
But when you pulled your own trigger
They all gathered around to watch

Cause you're the Fonz