Track Title:               Black Queen
Album Title:               CSN Box Set, disc 2
Prime Artist:              Crosby, Stills & Nash

Written by:                Stephen Stills

From the Album:            Stephen Stills  1970 (A)

                  Black queen, holdin' hearts
                Black queen tear the game apart
                  Black queen don't you know
           can't beat aces all in a row, black queen
              don't you go bet on the black queen
                come on have mercy black queen
                  my aces can beat you clean
             black queen see the whole hand honey
              black queen where's  your black man
              black queen if he ain't in the hole
          black queen you've got some more to show me
                     black queen right now
             don't you go bet on that black queen
             God have mercy black queen right now
                  my aces can beat you clean
                       alright, alright
         black queen, where's your bankroll, honey now
            black queen, where did it go, right on,
                       the black queen,
                the truth is hard, black queen
                 don't play them foolish cards
        black queen, come on, come on now black queen,
                    yeah, get it on with it
             my aces will beat you clean, oh yeah.