Track Title:               The Lee Shore

Album Title:               CSN Box Set, disc 2
Prime Artist:              Crosby, Stills & Nash
Written by:                David Crosby
From the Album:            4 Way Street  1971 (A)

     Wheel gull spin and glide -- you've no place to hide
                   Cause you don't need one
   All along the lee shore shells lie scattered in the sand
      Winking up like shining eyes - at me, from the sea
         Here is one like sunrise older than you know
        It's still lying there where some careless wave
                      Forgot it long ago
                   When I woke this morning
                 Dove beneath my floating home
                  Down below my graceful side
                     In hte tutrning tide
                  To watch the sea fish roam
            There I heard a story from the sailors
                      Of the Sandra Marie
       There's another island a days' run away from here
                        Empty and free
        From here to Venezuela nothing more than to see
                Than a hundred thousand islands
                Flung like jewels upon the sea
                        For you and me
                    Sunset smells of dinner
           Women are calling at me to end the tales
         But perhaps I'll see you the next quiet place
                        I furl my sails