Track Title:               Almost Persuaded
Album Title:               The Essential Etta James, disc 2

Prime Artist:              Etta James     (b. Jamesetta Hawkins)
Producer:                  Billy Sherrill
Producer:                  Rick Hall
Written by:                Glenn Sutton

Recorded At:               Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Last night all alone at a party
Met a man with a drink in his hand
He had soft brown eyes and coal black hair
And a smile any girl could understand.

Then he came and sat down at my table
As he placed his warm hand on mine
I found myself wanting, longing to kiss him
For temptation was flowing like wine.

And I was almost persuaded to strip myself of my pride
Almost persuaded to push my conscience aside
Then we danced and he whispered, "Baby I need you,"
He said to me, "Let me take you away, I want to be your man."

Then I looked in his eyes and I saw it
The reflection of my wedding band
And I was almost persuaded to let strange lips lead me on
Almost persuaded but your sweet love made me stop and go home.