Track Title:               As I Come of Age

Album Title:               CSN Box Set, disc 4
Prime Artist:              Crosby, Stills & Nash
Producer:                  Crosby, Stills & Nash
Producer:                  Steve Gursky

Producer:                  Stanley Johnston
Written by:                Stephen Stills
From the Album:            Stills  1975 (A)
As I come of age, I keep fallin' down
       Bb                 F
And I feel just like a schoolboy
       C              G
I was in a senseless rage
          F               Bb              F
Running too hard, and I tore you all to pieces
Yes but it's all over now
And I'm a little bit older now
The lessons that I'm learning now
Are gonna make it easy (somehow)
 C           G       F
Now again I try, starting over
           Bb          F
Put the pieces back together
 C         G            F
Even as I cry, bitter tears
       Bb              F
I can see it's all a puzzle
   Am               F  D  C
A game, always the same, ooh ...CHORUS
By the time I die, with the passing
If I've sorted out my changes
And if you could take the time
I would tell you that it's still a puzzle
The same, always a game, ooh