Track Title:               Road To Dead
Album Title:               This Fire
Prime Artist:              Paula Cole

Producer:                  Paula Cole
Written by:                Paula Cole
Welcome to the church of me
Where they stand in a line in need
Of water from my eyes and a song for comfort.
You say Jesus Christ, well I feel like him.
I feel one, two, three nails through me,
And four, through the heart.

You walk the road to resurrection
And I walk the road to dead
And I've given you my devotion,
But I walk the road to dead.

I held you up and wrapped you in the heat of my hand
And prayed for us.
But now I watch your back as you
Walk away from my life.
You need need. Strength is threatening.
So I filled you with faith, and I filled me with pain,
And what the hell am I doing falling in love
With pain again and again and again and again?