Track Title:               The Na-Na Song
Album Title:               Tuesday Night Music Club
Prime Artist:              Sheryl Crow
Producer:                  Bill Bottrell

Written by:                Brian McLeod
Written by:                Kevin Gilbert
Written by:                David Ricketts
Written by:                David Baerwald

Written by:                Bill Bottrell
Written by:                Sheryl Crow

Video countdown cyber phallic optics
Profligate talk shows scrounging for a topic
Rock-a-buy gravy train cradle's gonna rock me
37 million's what Larry Parker got me
World War XIV, my first Sony
Beatles wrote the Nike song and called it macaroni
Billy Jean Burger King, chauvinist pig pen
U.S. Army only wants a few straight men
Na-na, na-na na-na, na-na na-na na-na
Panaflex, Soloflex, Genuflect, Pope
What the world needs now is babies, gun and hope
Guardian angel dust in the wind cries Mary
Wanna be Madonna but the price is too high, very
Perfect rhythm Nazis in the pagan rhythm nation
Everybody's equal in the glow of radiation
Gotta four wheel drive and I park it in the driveway
When I get drunk I drive it on the parkway
Gotta get a TV set for my car
Tonight's the Battle of the Network Stars
Na-na, na-na na-na, na-na na-na na-na
Na-na, na-na na-na, na-na na-na na-na
Sanaflush Bud-Bowl makin' me sick
Cause anybody in a helmet looks just like a dick
Steely Dan, rather be hammer than a nail
The Serbs, the Poles, and the cheque's in the mail
Eat, sleep, live, die, @#$%ing record label
G Gordon Liddy under the table, table, table
Clarence Thomas organ grinder Frank Dileo's dong
Maybe if I let him I'd have had a hit song
Na-na, na-na na-na, na-na na-na na-na
(Repeat to fade)
That's right, A the whole way through! - I always suspected that three
chord rock and roll was complicating things unnecessarily...
There's no guitar on this song at all, so just strum along.
However, I'm not too sure whether or not anybody in the States will have
this, but there was a free limited edition live CD released with the album
over here recorded at the BBC studios in London, which finishes with the
song "Volvo Cowgirl" - this is just The Na-na song with different chords
put to it. I'll transcribe it if anyone's interested...