Track Title:               Be My Number Two
Album Title:               Greatest Hits
Prime Artist:              Joe Jackson

Producer:                  David Kershenbaum
Producer:                  Joe Jackson
Written by:                Joe Jackson

  Won't you be my number two
F                  Bb C
  Me and number one are through
am7                  gm7     C
  There won't be too much to do
       dm7               C
  just smile when I feel blue
F                           Bb C
  And there's not much left of me
F                      Bb  C
  What you get is what you see
am7               gm7 C
  Is it worth the energy
    dm7            C
  I leave it up to you
Bb    F          C            F
  And if you got something to say to me
Bb      F          C        F
  Don't try to lay off only weights on me
Bb  F              C          F
  I know that it's really not fair of me
  Bb9                C9
  But my heart's seen too much action
F                       Bb C
  And every time I look at you
F                      Bb  C
  you'll be who I want you to
am7                gm7   C
  And I'll do what I can do
     dm7             C        Bb^6
  To make a dream or two come true
            Bb^6             gm7    F
  if you be my, if you be my number two.